Messianic Rabbi Ed Rothman – Tree of Life – March 17, 2018

Rabbi Ed continued his series, “Are You A Dead Man Walking?” preceded by an update from Gabrielle.  


You can see it again on facebook live at:

Special thanks to Chris Rush for pinch-hitting for Clifton when his phone died.

  1. Casting down imaginations
  2. Reckoning your body as an instrument of righteousness / yielding yourself to God.
  3. Confess your sins to God, accept His cleansing and forgiveness.
  4. Remind yourself of God’s love for you and let the hope of meeting God keep you pure.
  5. Remind yourself your dead and your life is hid with Messiah in God.
  6. Set your affections on things above where you are seated with Messiah.
  7. Above everything, be forgiving, loving and thankful, it’s the bond of perfection!
  8. Let the peace of God RULE in your heart.
  9. Let God’s WORD dwell in you richly and sing praise unto God, releasing His grace!
  10. Do everything in/for the glory and praise of Y’shua!