Vision & Mission



We are a Messianic community that worship and serves Yahweh, the God of Israel, in spirit and in truth; in unity and in love. We desire to live a Biblical life before HaShem, according to the Hebrew Scriptures (both Old and New testament). Living a life as is defined in the Hebrew word “yadah,” meaning “praise” or “to know” (in an intimate way). From this word is the name Yehudah (Judah/Jew) derived.

In order to worship Yahweh in spirit and truth we need to have an understanding and conviction of our state of unworthiness when we enter in the presence of HaShem. Therefore, we must humble ourselves and repent from the (hidden) sins the Holy Spirit has revealed to us and when we are convicted by it. We will go through a process of cleansing before we can come boldly before Yahweh’s throne, after we have confessed our sins, being aware of the need of the sacrifice Yeshua made for us. The next step will be a full surrender to Him, Whom is worthy to receive all glory, honor, thanksgiving and our worship. This principal we find in Isaiah chapter 6. True worship will require a life of obedience out of love.

We strive to be living examples of what it means to be Torah honoring disciples of Yeshua (Jesus), just as the early believers (as we read in Acts 2). Our primary focus is to keep and honor those traditions, practices and beliefs that will honor HaShem and will ignite our faith to passionately demonstrate who He is and why we believe in Yeshua as the long awaited, promised Messiah, foretold by Moshe (Moses), the Prophets and the Psalms. We will accomplish these things through:

✓ Weekly gatherings on Shabbat, in which the believers will be equipped through the 5-fold ministry (Ephesians 4:12-14)

✓ Observing HaShem’s appointed times (Moadiem) as described in Vayikra (Leviticus) 23, which are a display of His plan of salvation for His creation and mostly already fulfilled by Yeshua

✓ Prayer Ministry (corporately and individually)

✓ Corporate Bible studies (Beit Midrash) from a Hebraic perspective

✓ Outreach events to both Jew and Gentile